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     Safety is all of our priority for every project, and we believe great results come from great people.  With safety always on our mind, we’re always looking for dangerous environments and hazards in the work place.  All of our employee’s are given stop work authority no matter what position they’re in.  Our OSHA qualified trainers are certified by Occupational Safety and Health Administration to instruct and test safety competency, for the Outreach Portal program that’s outlined by OSHA.  This program qualifies us to be on-site with an OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 training certification, through the Construction Industry Outreach Training they receive. 

FHI Plant Services Is Always Proactive, Never Reactive.

     We’re constantly involved with many different industries, and the most dangerous tasks we perform are in the mining sector.  What is the first thing on our mind when working in a mine? MSHA.  Mine Safety and Health Administration training is mandatory for all mine site operations and workers.  We all receive the proper mine safety training requirements through industry mandates, from the mine site operations department.  We provided training in the form of an OSHA 8 hour refresher for existing MSHA certified employees.  However, an MSHA 24 hour new miner training course is provided for any employee that has either never been on a mine site or has an expired MSHA certificate. 

     All of us are trained for the use or operation of the equipment in which we use for our craft, and we all prove our competency for the use of our equipment to a competent individual.  Our proof is documented using a U.S. Department of Labor Mine Safety and Health Administration Certificate of Training MSHA Training Form – 5000-23.

     Our Employees Are Our Biggest Asset – Be Alert, Stay Alive

     We are the company’s biggest asset, and that is 100% truth.  Every task we perform is with safety in mind, and each shift change discusses the workplace hazards and changing conditions.  Every change in job scope is a change in safety mindset, and those new hazards are conveyed to every employee before the start of the shift.  All employees deserve to be protected against job site, work place, and construction site hazards.  We are all taught to be our brother’s keeper, and watch out for everyone around us.  This includes subcontractors, other vendors, clients, and the general public.  We operate with the motto: “If you see something, say something!” This means our client’s are always at ease knowing we have safety as priority #1.  

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