Mohave Generation Station Testimonial

As an engineer and plant manager I worked with William Strunk, FHI Plant Services, at the Mohave Generation Station (Mohave) in Laughlin, Nevada during the period of 1975-2011. Mohave was a 1580 MW coal slurry fired generating station co-owned by four utility companies and operated by Southern California Edison (SCE), on of the four owners.

FHI and William’s team were contracted to dewater, load, haul and place coal at the plant site during the 197’s and 1980’s. Over 250,000 tons of coal was regularly stored on site during this period for use as an emergency source of fuel. This work involved operation of heavy equipment including front end loaders, belly dump trucks, dozers and motor graders. Dewatering of the coal required installation and use of diesel driven pumps and irrigation type pipe. Throughout the years that Mohave was in operation, FHI Plant Services was contracted to remove and haul the by-products of combustion (flyask and bottom ash) and place these materials in the plant’s engineered landfill. This required that up to 2000 tons per day of ash materials be unloaded from Mohave ash facilities into 90-100 yard haul trucks. FHI Plan Services staff hauled these ash materials to the plant landfill where they placed and compacted the materials in accordance with technical requirements. This work was performed under William’s direction and was done economically and professionally. 

From 1984 – 2011, FHI Plant Services’ contracted work included plant maintenance. The FHI team maintained a data base of qualified:

  • Welders
  • Machinists
  • Mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Laborers

During forced and planned outages at Mohave, FHI Plant Services provided labor and supervision that performed industrial maintenance at the plant under the technical guidance of SCE maintenance and engineering personnel. This relationship proved to be very cost effective and was continued throughout the remainder of the plant’s life. The work performed by William Strunk and his team was extensive and regularly involved up to 500 workers.

FHI was hired to handle dozen of other projects including but not limited to boiler maintenance, plant site cleanup and fence repair to armed security.

Throughout our working relationship, I found Bill (William Strunk) and FHI to be reliable, trustworthy and competent. He insisted that his employees work to SCE standards for safety and quality. I am pleased to recommend his services to any organization that can benefit from his expertise. 

Daniel Cobb

Plant Manager

Mohave Generating Station

FHI Client From 1975-2011