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Industrial Construction Services | FHI Plant Services, Inc.


Welding and Mechanical

Mechanical Welding

Code Shop and Field Fabrication Welding and Maintenance

FHI has the equipment and knowledge to handle power, mining, and refinery unit expansions, upgrades, and brand new full-scale plant construction.  Our certified welders have experience in all phases of structural, piping, and boiler installation, modification, and repair.  From ASME B31.1 Sec. 1 to AWWA water treatment, we’re your best source for complete mechanical installations.

Ash Haul

Mechanical Welding

Proven Accuracy of Grading

Our GPS system assists in the control of our grading and excavation equipment to ensure precision cuts while maintaining a smooth pitched grade. The use of advanced GPS guidance system with heavy equipment is a proven method to increase the accuracy of grading and excavating and reduces expenses by minimizing the amount of wear and tear on the heavy machinery.

Civil Construction

Mechanical Welding

Lower Cost Of Project Expenses

FHI Plant Services, Inc. is a full-service Class “A” General Engineering Contractor. Global Positioning Systems use on our civil projects dramatically reduce man hours resulting in lower project expenses. We have a strategic partnership with global equipment manufacturer(s) that allow us to have a highly competitive edge, when it comes to transporting and supplying a large fleet of excavation equipment.

FHI Plant Services, Inc. Sub-Services

FHI Plant Services, Inc. is a Civil Engineering General Contracting Company with a history Department of Public Works, Industrial Building Site Planning and Development, Site Excavation and Trenching, New Project Development, Industrial Site Demolition, and Native Land Restoration Services. We’ve performed many Potable Water well vault installations, underground utility distribution piping systems, and concrete containment. Some of the more common services we’re proficient in are as follows:

Power Plant Services and Maintenance

We perform High Density Polyethylene Pond liner replacement, installation, and repair. Poly-Fusion welded piping, Disposal of hazardous wastes, concrete structural and containment units, drainage ditches and rain management.

Industrial Site Restoration

Providing services to restore plants to its natural state.

Industrial Development

Clearing of land, site grading, excavation, rebar verification, mix design conforming, form placement verification, testing of compaction, compressive strength testing, concrete preparation and pouring.

Industrial Demolition

Dismantling, recycling, removing and discarding of plant equipment, operational infrastructure, and site contamination.

Public Utility Service Installation

Excavations for sewer, storm drains, potable water, drainage ditches, and flood management piping systems.

Commercial Site Restoration

Reverting the land to its original condition.

Commercial Development

Land preparation, elevation shots, and grading, site excavation, material verification, mix design confirmation, verification of form placement, compaction testing, preparing for pouring, and compressive strength analysis.

Commercial Demolition

Building decontamination, removal of operations equipment, disposal of waste, transfer of operational framework.

Public Utility Service Maintenance

Excavation of piping systems, compaction, civil and concrete installations, driveways, parking lots, pump station excavation or replacement, and sidewalk installation.

Sub-Contractor Labor Support Organization

We provide a variety of other support and assistance as a Sub-Contractor labor support organization.
FHI Plant Services adheres to all applicable current codes and building specifications for all work activities. All skilled labor employees are OSHA 10 compliant and Managers are trained to OSHA 30. Our quality level is top-notch. Our clients and customers can always count on a well-documented quality product that is dependable. We’re continually improving our process and procedures to provide better quality, and continued excellent service to our customers.

FHI Plant Services, Inc. Clients

Earthwork and Dirtwork

Grading, Excavation, Compaction, and Backfilling

Clearing and Debris Removal

Site restoration and remediation.

Hardscaping, Walkways, Housekeeping Pads

Industrial Retaining Wall

Rotating Equipment, Concrete Risers, and Machinery Equipment Pads
Concrete Foundations for Industrial and Commercial Tanks
Industrial Building Foundation Repair and Installation
Commercial Building Foundation Repair and Installation
Concrete Maintenance and Repair
Watertight Grout Sealing Application Repair and Installation
Piping Excavation and Installation

Client Testimonials

FHI currently performs work at our Four Corners Power Plant. The work does or has included, ash hauling and placement, civil work, mechanical work and maintenance work at the plant. All work that has or is being performed has been performed in accordance to the contract and is of good quality.

Karla E.

Procurement Operations Buyer Leader, Arizona Public Service

During the forced and planned outages at Mohave Generating Station, FHI Plant Services provided labor and supervision that performed industrial maintenance at the plant under the technical guidance of SCE maintenance and engineering personnel. This relationship proved to be very cost effective and was continued throughout the remainder of the plant’s life…. I am pleased to recommend his (Bill Strunk and FHI) services to any organization.

Daniel Cobb

Plant Manager 1990 - 2011, Southern California Edison